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Warp Speed: Engage!

Terragen 4 renders faster. The ray tracing engine has been updated to bring some significant performance improvements, especially to scenes with imported objects (such as grass, trees and other structures). We have tested a wide variety of scenes, and on average Terragen 4 is more than twice as fast as Terragen 3 at rendering scenes which feature objects. Not all scenes show great benefit, for example the Terragen 3 Benchmark does not have many objects and so it benefits little. But in typical vegetation-heavy scenes the differences can be striking. In certain cases – such as when volumetric shadows are cast from objects into atmospheric effects – the improvement can be truly incredible: as much as 6.5x! One scene, shown in the composite image below, went from 4 hours and 15 minutes to just 40 minutes with the improved ray tracing engine. Your complex images are about to get a whole lot easier to render!

Terragen 3 to Terragen Render Time Comparison

Comparing render times of Terragen 3 and Terragen 4. Shorter bars = shorter render times. Terragen 4 is in red.

Performance Improvement by Scene

Here you can see the render time performance improvement for each of the scenes we tested. In some cases it’s quite small, but in many cases it’s significant: more than twice as fast!

Render comparison Speedup chart

Another way to view the improvements. Here Terragen 3 render time is the baseline, and the relative speedup of Terragen 4 is shown.

    • Oshyan Greene

      These tests were conducted on a Core i7 2700k overclocked to 4.2Ghz. Render time improvements should not be significantly different on different CPUs though. The actual render *times* will vary of course, but the *improvement* in rendering time should be fairly consistent. So for example if you were to render one of the scenes shown here that is 100% faster on Terragen 4, and it took you 1 hour on Terragen 3, it should take you about a half hour on Terragen 4. If you then rendered the same scene on a faster machine the Terragen 3 render might take only 30 minutes, but then your render on the same hardware using Terragen 4 would take only 15 minutes (still 100% faster).

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