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The Ozone Factor

Terragen has always had a highly realistic atmosphere, but there are some subtler effects that have sometimes been difficult to simulate accurately with the existing functionality. To help round out the realism of the atmosphere model, Terragen 4 adds a new “Ozone Factor” setting that allows you to control the absorption strength of a simulated ozone layer in the atmosphere, which absorbs red and green light to produce bluer skies especially during sunrise and sunset. It strongly affects views from high altitude as well.

The height profile of the ozone layer is set to simulate an average Earth atmosphere and it automatically scales in proportion to adjustments in the height of the atmosphere. Density also changes in proportion to bluesky density to produce realistic results in a variety of setups.

The addition of the Ozone Factor allows you to bring your images even closer to total realism. Have a look at some examples of it in action in the video above and images below.

Ozone Factor set to 0 (disabled) Ozone Factor set to 0.6
Left: Ozone Disabled, Right: Ozone 0.6
Ozone Factor set to 0 (disabled) Ozone Factor set to 1
Left: Ozone Disabled, Right: Maximum Recommended Setting

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