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Terragen VR Challenge Winners

We had a fantastic response to our VR Challenge back in March and we’ve been wading through the entries over the last few months to come up with the very best. We’ve taken a close look at many of the scene files to make sure they work well in 360 degree VR environments, testing the results in an HTC Vive headset. It’s incredible to see a Terragen scene all around you, to feel as if you’re really standing there, and get a real sense of scale.

With so many entries, many of them with multiple points of view, picking the winners has been a challenging process. But we finally have our ranked list and we’re pleased to share them with you today. We’re looking forward even more to showing you the results in VR once we’ve been able to render them all at high quality. Keep an eye out for that announcement soon!

1st Place: Peter Weishaupt.

2nd Place: Hannes Janetzko.

3rd Place: Doug Campbell.

4th – 10th Places: Sami Mattila, Ulco Glimmerveen, Pierre Chartier, Kadri Ozel, René van Megen, Allen Paynter, Philip C Matthews.

Congratulations to our winners, plus a huge Thank You to all who participated! Keep an eye out for the full VR experiences from some of these scenes which we’ll be sharing soon…


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