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Ray-traced Realtime Preview – Part 2

So by now you’ve seen a bit of the realtime ray-traced preview in Terragen 4, but just how capable is it? In part 2 of our video demos for this feature you can see how the new preview mode performs with complex cloud and lighting setups. Most of the clouds in the video use the new light scattering model, and all video is shown in realtime. In the video we edit an isolated cloud at sunset, a cloudy sky with “god rays”, a dramatic terrain with shadows in the atmosphere, and a view of the Earth from orbit (including Ozone). In all cases the ray-traced preview gives quick and responsive feedback, allowing you to iterate faster than ever before. We think this will revolutionize the way you use Terragen.

If you haven’t checked out Part 1 of our ray-traced preview video, take a look here. We’ll have a third video to show you some additional preview features in the future.


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