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Lens Effects

Terragen 4 will feature global lens effects including lens flare and bloom that respond naturally and realistically to lighting in the scene. Lens effects operate in high dynamic range, taking into account light source and specular reflection intensity, color, occlusion, and atmospheric scattering.

These effects can be independently adjusted in intensity and the lens flare “starburst” effect also has controls for softness and number of points (i.e. shape of the lens). The video above demonstrates a variety of the effects that are possible.

  • Scene 1 shows lens flare and glow effects with automatic, natural occlusion-based attenuation.
  • Scene 2 displays an example of lens flares from specular reflections (with motion blur). Mountain scene courtesy of New World Digital Arts: http://www.nwdastore.com/
  • Scene 3 shows the lens flare effect realistically handling atmospheric scattering color shift in an animated sunset.

ter2015_30 lucbianco 12031434_1654234371511076_6885428965014557100_o Terragen 4 render by Luc Bianco

Images by Luc Bianco

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