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First Look at Terragen 4

We’re excited to announce that Terragen 4 is now in development, and we want to show you some of the first renders from our amazing alpha testers and software developers. Over the next few months we’ll reveal more details, share some incredible images and videos, and show you some things that you never thought would be possible with environment creation software. Terragen 4 is going to be faster, more interactive and easier to use. We’re raising the bar in terms of photorealism, while giving you new tools to create and explore your scenes more quickly and intuitively than ever before.

The best is yet to come, so stay tuned!

Images and scenes courtesy of Martin Huisman and Luc Bianco.

    • Oshyan Greene

      Hello Thierry,
      Educational pricing hasn’t yet been finalized, but we will definitely continue offering significant discounts for educational use. There will also be an upgrade path. Full details will be available closer to the release in the second quarter of 2016.


    Hello Friends

    It would be very interesting for the behavior of the new terragen to see before to the competition vue. by e-on-software

    I’m working with both programs and I Know the the impresive image and renders of terragen are superior to vue, but but to work with vue is more easier.

    A mix between vue and terragen will be better for all uusers, even myself.

    • Oshyan Greene

      We definitely want to make Terragen easier and faster to use and we have some great new features in Terragen 4 that will improve those areas. Our long-term vision is of an extremely easy to use and artist-friendly tool that still maintains the stability, render quality, flexibility, power, and realism that Terragen is already known for.

      • Wayne Martell

        Yes I’m the same Terragen puts out better renders than Vue but Vue is easier to use, we need way more examples and material presets in T4 to get us started. Terragen HDR images were a huge success with my mar 360 product at DAZ3D so looking forward to what T4 has got to offer !

      • Joel

        I hope so, I find Terragen to be too complicated. I’m at a loss to learn it – I had high hopes to be able to kick Vue to the curb but was not able to do so.

        I hope TG4 has GPU acceleration! The power in the new nvidia GPU’s is phenomenal, in my other 3D apps that are able to leverage it.

    • Oshyan Greene

      Rendering will definitely be faster in Terragen 4, and we’ll talk more about that soon. We intend to also have some more presets that should help you get started quickly from the Library. A “wizard” is something we can consider for the future. We are definitely committed to making Terragen easier and faster to use and Terragen 4 will be an important step.

  • Terje


    I got really excited when I got the announcement of Terragen 4 in my mail. I can’t wait to see more images. I love Terragen, and I already know I will upgrade from Terragen 3.


  • Mike Harringotn

    I’m pretty excited and impatient about the TG4 release. I know you guys can only go so fast, so I am considering a chemically induced coma….go to sleep and wake up in 6 months with an upgrade.
    Anyone know a good combination of drugs and chemicals to help?

    Or you could make me a beta-tester….my family would probably appreciate it vs the coma option.

  • James Brady

    wow amazing guys. Will the pricing be similar to Terragen 3? Secondly when is official release slated? Thirdly, what licensing do you have available? for say a small studio of 12 people and of that 3-5 are artists. Also will it be more intuitive and artist friendly to use? As Terragen 3 was a often a bit cryptic in its manner of construction.

    • Oshyan Greene

      Pricing will be similar to TG3, with some other options. Release is scheduled for the second quarter of 2016 (April-June). Licensing is per-user and Professional licenses currently come with render nodes, so if you have 3-5 artists that all would be using Terragen, you’d need 3-5 licenses, and would get additional render nodes with those licenses which could cover your remaining machines. The basic user interface will be similar to TG4, but new features like the ray-traced realtime preview should make things a lot easier to work with. We also hope to make additions and improvements to the UI in the future which will help non-technical artists to work more easily with the software.

  • Ludvik Koutny

    Hey guys,

    great job on the new features. I would like to ask you if there are any plans to improve usability of terragen. The underlying tech is really powerful, but everytime I was deciding if to spend money on it or not I got discouraged the usability factor.

    So things I would like to see:

    – A new, dark (very important for long hours professional work), modern, customizable user interface that does not look like it came from windows 95 and is going to fall apart every minute.

    – Better stability, so deleting nodes is not like playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun

    – Better UI usability: It would be better if there was one long vertical panel right of the 3D view and network view, in which property panels of active selected node would show. Right now, if you edit anything, you always have to manage and push around floating window that covers some part of the UI you need at the moment. Also, for example if you click “edit sampling” in render node, now do you get back to parent window?

    – Less is more – It would make a bit more sense to unify and simplify settings instead of throwing bunch of new knobs into every new version. A nice example is atmosphere node, namely bluesky density and bluesky horizon color + bluesky additive and redsky decay. These two sets of knobs control exactly same thing, yet effectively, there are 4 controls to control one thing instead of two. It just adds more complexity without any gain of flexibility.

    – Better naming: Since Planetside Wiki is not very good at explaining this with words, just pictures, I still have not figured out what bluesky density and horizon colour really means. Bluesky horizon colour for example. It’s not just albedo of the horizon, it also controls direction and intensity of light scattered in the air. It’s definitely not just a color modifier, therefore some better name to better imply what it does would help. Also, there’s bluesky parameter and redsky parameter… to newbie, that implies some balance between sky that is blue and sky that is red, even though these settings seem to modify advanced features of atmosphere, such as density of gas in atmosphere, ozone density, etc… These things should be named so that they are more implicate of what they really do. Then on top of these already cryptic settings, there is another layer of modification of their behavior in Lighting tab.

    So what I would like to see is some more logical set of setting to control atmospherics, such as amount of ozone, turbidity, amount of dust in the air, color of the dust in the air, phase function of the dust and haze, instead of these arbitrary semi-artistic controls.

    So these are my observations from trying out free version. Other than that, I had a real fun playing with terragen. I am especially amazed by the power of underlying tech. How incredibly fast can it render super-detailed lifelike volumetric scattering effects as well as extremely deep yet detailed displacement. It’s a really awesome core wrapped in not so pretty shell 🙂

    • Oshyan Greene

      Hi Ludvik, thanks for all the great feedback! We’re definitely aware of many of the issues you raise and we’re working to improve things in these areas. We won’t be able to address everything right away, for the initial release of Terragen 4, but you’ll see improvements right from the start and they will be ongoing from there. I think you’ll find Terragen 4 to be a more pleasant application to use.

    • Oshyan Greene

      We will probably still have a 32 bit version.

      As far as I know the .blend file format is not intended as an interchange (import/export format), but rather a Blender internal/specific format. For data interchange a more standard format like OBJ is best, and already supported by Terragen. We have a number of people in our forums already using Blender models with Terragen.

  • John van Dijck

    Please Oshyan, can you tell me if there will be a Windows 32-bit version of Terragen 4 or not?

    Not reassured that the beta was 64-bit only … 🙁

    Definitive information will be appreciated …

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