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Terragen 4

The next generation of environment rendering

Terragen VR Challenge – Over $10,000 in Prizes

This year, millions of people will be tuning into Virtual Reality, and the appetite for VR content and content creators is predicted to grow at an incredible pace. As a Terragen user you have an advantage. You create worlds, make remote places accessible and craft images that move people. VR consumers…

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Ray-traced Realtime Preview – Part 2

So by now you’ve seen a bit of the realtime ray-traced preview in Terragen 4, but just how capable is it? In part 2 of our video demos for this feature you can see how the new preview mode performs with complex cloud and lighting setups. Most of the clouds…

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The Ozone Factor

Terragen has always had a highly realistic atmosphere, but there are some subtler effects that have sometimes been difficult to simulate accurately with the existing functionality. To help round out the realism of the atmosphere model, Terragen 4 adds a new “Ozone Factor” setting that allows you to control the absorption strength of…

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Lens Effects

Terragen 4 will feature global lens effects including lens flare and bloom that respond naturally and realistically to lighting in the scene. Lens effects operate in high dynamic range, taking into account light source and specular reflection intensity, color, occlusion, and atmospheric scattering. These effects can be independently adjusted in intensity…

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Multiple scattering in clouds

We’re developing a new lighting model for clouds that simulates multiple scattering without using the GI cache. I rendered this turntable video to test how it responds to light with different camera and lighting angles. In the real world, large, dense clouds of water droplets scatter light many times, absorbing almost none…

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Ray-traced Realtime Preview – Part 1

Terragen 4 will feature a ray-traced realtime preview with progressive refinement. The ray-traced preview mode supports Terragen shaders, lighting, and atmospherics, including clouds with volumetric shadows (aka “god rays”). The video above features several of the capabilities of the new preview and each clip is shown in realtime. This is just a glimpse of what…

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First Look at Terragen 4

We’re excited to announce that Terragen 4 is now in development, and we want to show you some of the first renders from our amazing alpha testers and software developers. Over the next few months we’ll reveal more details, share some incredible images and videos, and show you some things that…

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What is Terragen?

Terragen is the software that many artists turn to when they want to render beautifully realistic landscapes, skies or other natural environments. It’s used to create blockbuster movies such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens (yes, the new one), TV shows, games, VR environments, museum exhibits, documentaries, and more. Now we’re developing version 4.…

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